February 2013 Homes Prices Up 22.6% in One Year

Due to the low inventory of homes available, home buyers are willing to spend more on a home, that is if they can find one to buy.   The  Sacramento area’s resale home inventory is still very low.  This time last year there were 1,766 homes sold in February 2012 compared to 1,566 sold in February, 2013.  This is an 11.3% drop in sold homes.   This has caused the rapid increase in home prices.  Sacramento’s median price for February 2013 is $192,500, Placer County $298,500, El Dorado County $283,250 and Yolo County $250,000.  New home sales are also on the increase with 104 closings in Sacramento, 86 in Placer and 14 in Yolo County in the month of February.


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Sacramento Homes Prices on the Rise

Sacramento is suffering from lack of inventory for sale.  Due to the lack of available homes, the home prices in December, 2012 are on the rise.

Figures released by DataQuick show that the median home prices in Sacramento County rose 18% in December compared to December, 2011 from $155,000 to $183,000.








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Sacramento home prices climb in November

Sacramento‘s median home prices on the rise again!

The median home price in Sacramento County rose nearly 17 percent in November from the same month a year before, DataQuick reported this morning.

It was the largest year-over-year price gain in November since the housing market was booming in November 2004, according to the San Diego-based information service.

The county’s median home price of $185,000 last month was up from $158,500 the prior November. It was also up over October’s median of $180,000, DataQuick said.

However, sales volume was slightly down in November from October.

Strong investor activity coupled with a shortage of homes for sale has boosted home prices in the past half year.

In the last few month, more move-up buyers have been entering the market, seeking to take advantage of rock-bottom prices and interest rates near historic lows.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/12/13/5052791/sacramento-home-prices-climb-in.html#storylink=cpy
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Sacramento Housing Market Home Prices on the Rise

The numbers are in and Sacramento’s Housing Market continues to heat up!  In November the average Price per Square Foot hit a new high of $135.8, this was a 2.2% increase over last month and a 16% increase over the last year.  This increase can clearly be traced to the lower inventory numbers that continue to drive prices up.  The number of homes for sale decreased by-10% from last month and is down by over -52% from last year.  Another effect of this lower inventory is that houses are selling faster than we have seen in a long time, the average Days on Market for a home in the Sacramento Region dropped again to only 48 days!

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When will home prices begin to increase?

Nationwide, the US housing market remains deep in the doldrums and economists expect prices to fall another 5% to 10% in many places. 

When the rebound arrives, desirable zip codes will see price jumps first.  Real estate is always local.  

Here are a few things to start watching in your neighborhood: 

How fast are homes selling?  It is a good sign when price drops slowly down, inventory levels are actually a better gauge of where your market is headed.  Ask a Realtor to tell you the number of listings now on the market in your area and the number of homes sold over the past year.  An example would be that there are 100 listings and there were 240 sales last year, or an average of 20 per month.  That equals a five-month supply, which is considered stable.  More than six months and it’s a buyer’s market; less than three and sellers probably have the upper hand.

Compare your neighborhood’s price-to-rent ratio with what it was before the housing boom.  Calculate the price-to-rent ratio, or the price of a home divided by one year’s rent on a comparable one.  In general, it’s cheaper to buy when the price-to-rent ratio is below 15. 

A decrease in foreclosure filing is often an encouraging sign but not always the case depending on the processing delays in foreclosures.   Distressed owners tend to fall behind on lawn cutting and house painting long before a foreclosure.  If you see several places in disrepair, don’t expect your home value to rise soon. 

If you area is a prime location.  As buyers return, they naturally grab places with short commutes and better schools and amenities which will help increase the sales price.

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Mortgage Interest Deductions


We have heard rumors that the Obama administration has discussed the possibility of getting rid of the Mortgage Interest Deduction (MID).  “Say it ain’t so, Joe”. 

According to the USA Today, the government spent about $80 billion last year to back up the mortgage interest deductions.  One housing specialist says it wasn’t worth the money because the tax break only goes to the wealthy???? Does this sound familiar? 

Home owners already pay 80 to 90 percent of the income tax in our country, and among those who claim the MID, almost two-thirds are middle-income earners. 

The national taxpayers union tells us nearly 39 million people claimed the mortgage deduction. (Nearly 67% of Americans own homes).

For those in the $100,000 – $200,000 income range the MID claimed was almost $14,000; meaning the value of the write-off would be $3,500 

For those making $75,000 – $100,000, the deduction was around $11,000; resulting in a savings of $2,800 

For those making $50,000 – $75,000, the average deductions was around $10,000 with a savings of $2,500.00 

Through the terms of 17 presidencies, the MID has brought remarkable stability to the housing market.

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