Making that First Impression!

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The following tips will help you make a great first impression when putting your home on the market.  People decide within 30 seconds of walking into a home whether they might want to buy it, so it is important to make a great first impression.

Curb Appeal

Spend a little money on gardening by cutting overgrown shrubs and weeds and planting new shrubs or flowers.  A bit of gardening can help paint a scene, so buyers can see their kids playing in the yard or can imagine entertaining in the back yard.

Condition of the Home

Make necessary repairs to the home before putting it on the market.  Look for cracks, damaged paint and so on to repair.  Not making repairs can cut the price of the house.

Buyer’s typically ask for $2-$3 off the price for every $1 of repairs that they perceive are needed, so it is crucial for sellers to know that, say, the roof needs to be replaced.  That way, the seller can spend the $5,000 themselves rather than face a buyer demand $10,000-$15,000 off the price of the house.

 Clean and organize the house – including drawers, cabinets & closets.  It’s a good idea to de-clutter these areas so it doesn’t appear that there isn’t enough room in the home. 

Finding the right assistance

Contact a Realtor who often provides their expertise in giving you tips to get your home ready for sale.  They also often provide a list of Handymen, Home Stagers, Painters and Roofers that can assist you in getting your home ready for sale.

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Freshen Up your Home this Winter with Three Simple Projects

Get Organized:

Winter is a great time to organize your home so that you are ready for a fresh start once spring arrives.  Your home will seem less chaotic once everything is put in its place.


Update your décor.  By changing the decorative accents in your home it can make a big difference in changing the look and feel of your home. 

Make a Plan:

If you aren’t ready to get organized or redecorate your home, take the time to make a plan.  Planning ahead for any home improvements you are going to undertake once spring arrives.  Take this time to research any projects you are planning on starting; plan your budget and even get a head start on picking out or ordering materials.

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We have received questions from many concerned sellers on what is required of them when preparing their home for prospective buyers.  Due to the current economy we are seeing a large increase in the number of short sale homes available for sale.   Sellers in a short sale situation are concerned about the costs to prepare their home for sale so that it doesn’t sit on the market for a long time.  They also ask what needs to be done in order to fix their home up for sale for the least amount of money.

Here are a few inexpensive tips that will help you stage and sell your home more quickly:

  • Wipe down all of the walls and outlets of dirty fingerprints
  • Shampoo Carpeting
  • Wash the Windows and Screens
  • Vacuum and Dust often
  • Remove all books from bookcases
  • Pack up the knickknacks
  • Clean off everything on kitchen counters
  • Put items used daily in a small box that can be stored away when not in use
  • Re-Organize Closets and Pantry
  • Make Minor Repairs – Touch up any holes, scratches or damage to the walls and if you have touch up paint laying around, touch up these areas
  • Keep Lawns Mown and Watered
  • Trim Shrubs & Plant Colorful Flowers
  • Air out House of Musty or Pet Odors
  • De-Personalize – Pack up personal photos and heirlooms.  Buyers can’t see past personal artifacts and you want them to see the home.
  • De-Clutter – If you don’t need it, sell it, donate it or throw it away
  • Get a head start on packing, you will eventually need to do it anyway
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