Client Comments

Since we Relocated to Florida it could have been very painful for us to keep up with all of the details necessary to bring our home to closure…  we couldn’t have done it without you.  You really came through for us in taking care of many issues that normally would have required us to travel back to take care of ourselves.   We’ve never met a Realtor that has provided such great service.”

Greg & Anna Barnes

“You have made lifetime memories for us with your kindness and professional handling of the whole process of finding us a home…. your activities and dedication in the tough times at the end went way beyond the call of duty.  We will be grateful to you forever. “

David Consbruck & Linda Sanders

“I want to thank you for your efforts and expertise in selling my condo… due to the litigation, the sale of my condo required special attention… you did a great job of market research by finding and listing my competition and their asking prices, and finally helping me establish an asking price for my home.  You hit the nail right on the head as the actual sale price was $500 more than my asking price, and about $5000 more than I was willing to accept!… Please be assured that I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone needing help selling or buyer real property.”

Linley P. Cole

“Excellent job…she is dedicated and extremely helpful…we look forward to working with her in the future for any real estate needs.”

Mr. & Mrs. John Banville

“Excellent negotiator, very courteous and didn’t try to force us.”

Ron Shimizu

“We felt she was the best choice after interviewing other agents.  I truly believe she worked to create a sale on our property.”

Mr. & Mrs. Raiger

“Her experience and contacts are unequaled.  She has sold many properties for us over the years and we’ll use her in the future.”

Ed & Vicky Wesche

“I would not have had the opportunity to walk my son across the street to school this morning if not for your kindness and generosity.  I cannot begin to express my appreciation and utter gratitude.  Omari and I thank both you and Jean for your help.”

Rodney Gray

“Thank you again for all the help with our house.  You are a wonderful team.  I was so ready to be bogged down by the project, but you just picked me up, dusted me off and proceeded to make it all work.”

Jan & Joe Montoya

“Shirley was my realtor and influential in organizing the sale of my mother’s house…I was quite impressed with her ability to organize and persevere with this project in a very timely and quick manner.  She was easy to work with and quite professional in ever way.  I can highly recommend her to you a s a realtor and as a good friend.  Please give Shirley your every consideration if you are interested in buying or selling a home in the Sacramento area.  She has my every confidence and foremost recommendation.”

Daniel R. Benson, M.D.

“Thanks for selling our home…you were the most professional and efficient Realtor we’ve ever worked with.  You will be the 1st to be called for any future needs.”

Richard & Janet Allison

“Shirley Kistler is recommended to all of my clients who are considering buying or selling real estate.  Shirley is recommended because I like her, I trust her, and I know she will get the job done. 

I like Shirley because she works with my clients and me in a professional manner, regardless of financial, social, or intellectual position.  She always cares for my clients and helps them get what they want and need. 

I trust Shirley.  She has advised one of my clients not to sell her home when it was not in my client’s best interest, although Shirley would lose the commission.  Shirley has also helped my clients when other agents appeared other than ethical.  Shirley has principles that she stands for and backs my clients one hundred percent when they are right.  Whether a new home buyer or a seasoned professional, I know Shirley will do what’s right for my clients.

Most important is that Shirley gets the job done.  In the past, I have recommended other agents, but they did not do the job.  They were not fully committed to getting “right on it” or, in some cases, not following through to completion.  On the other hand, I know that I can leave a message for Shirley to help one of my clients and know that Shirley will contact them and work with them until they have either sold or bought the real estate they want – often times without me speaking directly to Shirley.  I have over 200 clients from all walks of life.  Without hesitation, I would recommend Shirley Kistler to all of them.”

Ruth Maloney, Taxes & Investments

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