Tips to Downsize Your Lifestyle

Start with your closet.  Everyone has too many clothes.

Make a commitment to refuse to get more stuff.  It will take a while to reduce your belongings and it’s going to take a few months of refusing to get new things before you change your habits. 

Most people around you will not be doing this and may react negatively or defensively.  Whatever you do Stick to It! 

From “Overstuffed” workshop – Nicole Lynskey:

Assess the impact your clutter has on you.  Think of the size of your home, how much you spend on new stuff, the energy put into acquiring, maintaining and storing your stuff and the time you spending searching for things. 

Get in touch with what you really long for in life.  Do you really want to work part time?  Would changing your purchase habits or moving into a smaller space make these things possible for you?

Start with small areas.  The more you declutter the more momentum you will get and the more you will notice things you don’t really need. 

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