Annual Home Maintenance Tips

If you haven’t done so, now is the time for your annual home maintenance.               



Air Conditioning Filter Change – Replace Filters Monthly to improve energy costs and air quality.

Air Conditioner Inspection
– Have you’re a/C inspected by a licensed HVAC mechanic to ensure top efficiency.  Don’t wait until it reaches over 100° and your system isn’t working.

Roof Insulation & Ventilation
– Property insulated and ventilated attics reduce heating and cooling costs.  Make sure attic, vents and soffit are running, open and clear of debris.

– Clean debris out of gutters; repair any loose or leaking gutters which cause water damage to soffits.

 Grout & Caulking:  Check grout around sink, tubs, showers, windows and doors.  Replace if damaged to protect material behind the walls from water damage and mold growth.

 Dryer Vents – Clean out your dryer vent from lint accumulation.  Built up lint can keep dryers from running efficiently, drives up energy costs and can cause fires.

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