10 tips to help keep Mildew & Mold from your Home

3rd Floor Bathroom Mold and Mildew
Image by andydr via Flickr

1)      Call in a home inspection
          professional to assess
          any water-damaged areas

2)      Keep humidity low.

3)      Replace any carpets and 
           furniture that have been
           saturated with water 
           even if they look ok.

4)      Don’t put carpet in the
          bathroom or basement

5)      Use an air-conditioner during the summer.  Use fans to circulate A/C
          most effectively.

6)      Dust and clean furniture, vacuum carpets at least once a week

7)      Provide adequate ventilation in hot areas (i.e. kitchen & bath) install
           exhaust fans.

8)      When painting your home, ask about mold inhibitors that you can add to
           before painting

9)      If you have an old fan (80’s or older) replace Central Air Conditioner
          with high-performance electrostatic air filter.

10)  Have a professional drain and ventilate all sub-basement areas & crawl

Information furnished by Lowe’s 12/23/10

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