Don’t file a Claim unless you want your rates to increase $$$

aaaToday I received my home owners insurace bill much to my surprise the premium increased an additional $1,000.00 per year totally $2,100.00… After much discussion with  the  AAA Insurance Manager, he fondly informed me that I had a claim for $15,000.00 last year and they attach  2 points  to my account for anything over $10K paid out. Hmm  :((  I reminded him that this was the first claim I have in 34 years with AAA Homeowner Insurance.. Well, it did not make any difference with him you see he has no authority to change anything..I also have an auto policy on several cars  and accident free … Nope they don’t care. OK !!  what about my 7 other rental policies HUH….  NOPE!!!   doesn’t matter.. The moral of the story is Insurance is NOT TO BE USED  only to be PAID  for and  framed???